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Accessible Accounts Anywhere

Through our accounting software and services, we provide you with on-the-go accessibility of your financials.

Additional Insight and Analysis

We can provide additional insights on top of monthly reporting documents which is customisable to suit your company's needs.

Available Accountants & Consultants

Consider our team as an extension of your business. We value our partnership and will vail ourselves to tend to your needs.

We believe Great companies are built on solid products/services and the best practices, but it’s not always that easy.

Have you ever:

  • Felt you have a solid product, fantastic service and yet struggle to ensure everything else runs fine?

  • Wanted to bring your company to the next level but simply don’t have the time to analyse where to start?

  • Told yourself not to bother with the debits and credits and yet and wished you were more empowered to make decisions regarding finances with confidence?


We care about your growth.

That is why we at Genesis Consulting & Solutions, are committed to provide triple A service!



"I really appreciate Genesis Consulting & Solutions for their services and the friendship fostered. Thank you for caring beyond the books; beyond the accounting services."


—  Will & Well LLP

"Genesis Consulting & Solutions have been professional in the services they offer, and the qualities of integrity, humbleness, and team work can be evidently seen in them."


—  Venta Electrical Pte. Ltd.

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