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Helping companies  perform at their peak since 2016

Nonprofits & churches have a special place in our hearts. We want you to focus on bringing about meaningful and impactful change as you leave financial concerns and regulations to us.

We're proud to be working with:

and many more!

non-profits, churches

*Prices displayed are after discounts offered.

If you need help with finances, but not as frequently.



  1. Monthly financial reporting

  2. Monthly bookkeeping services

  3. Inclusive of Xero software

  4. Budget versus Actual monitoring

Refresh plan

If you'd prefer for us to handle your finances more robustly (Recommended).



  1. Bi-monthly financial reporting

  2. Bi-monthly bookkeeping services

  3. Monthly payment cycle processing

  4. Inclusive of Xero software

  5. Budget versus Actual monitoring

Rejuvenate plan

If your finances are in a mess (no heads or tails!). We're happy to help.



1. Financial Statement Compilation

2. Annual Management Report Preparation

3. Payroll services

4. Tax computation and filing

5. Corporate Secretarial services

Repair/Quickfix plan

Home Office


Financial Statement


  • Who: All Singapore  companies which are incorporated as Companies Limited by Guarantee.

  • What: Required to prepare audited financial statements for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 6 months from end of their financial year.​

  • How: We perform 
    Compilation of Financial Statements or Convert 
    them to XBRL format for ACRA filing., and assist with the audit process.




  • Who: All companies or Individuals (partnerships, sole proprietors, self-employed, employees)

  • What: Required to file Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) with IRAS within 3 months from their financial year end and e-file income tax returns by 15th Dec in the following year. Individuals must e-file income tax returns by 15th Apr.

  • How: We prepare tax computations and file your tax returns for you at a one-time service fee. 




  • Who: Do you spend endless hours dealing with employee tax issues?

  • What: We provide efficient payroll processing service and on-time salary disbursement in accordance with your organisation’s payroll policies and local labour laws.

  1. Payroll Processing

  2. Preparation of itemised payslips

  3. Monthly CPF submissions

  4. First time CPF set-up and submission of Form 1/GIRO

  5. IR8A form preparation per employee





  • Who: Those set up as companies limited by guarantee

  • What: We provide a one-time incorporation package: from incorporation to setting up secretarial records.

  • Who: Those seeking regular corporate secretarial services

  • What: We'll act as your Company secretary and settle all your statutory needs

  • Need more complex Corporate Secretarial services? Let's chat.


*The Repair/quick-fix plan covers all these and more.

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