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Consulting Services

Business/Financial Analysis

Analysis is always critical to persuade, and should be a bedrock of decision making.

With our monthly and quarterly packages, we can customise reports upon request for your management.

Internal Controls and

System Solutions

You may require a design of internal controls to ensure that your company consistently achieves its objectives for efficiency and compliance.

Along with our process walk through, we diagnose and implement solutions so that you never have to worry about a breach of statutory duty or becoming a victim of fraud/theft.

Some processes we can help you with are:

  • Implementation/Migration of Accounting Systems

  • Good governance framework and policies

Process Improvement Services

Are certain processes too complicated or manual to keep track of? Or perhaps you have too many processes put in place that need simplifying.

We will perform a walk-through of your processes, document, diagnose & implement any changes alongside its stakeholders, so that your company can operate at its best.

Some of the processes we look at are:

  • Invoicing and Account Receivable

  • Purchases and Account Payable

  • Employee Expense Claims

  • Record Keeping

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